In 1984 the company we know today as HB started its history. It has been a long experience of commitment and hard-work which has made us a company truly focused on comprehensive hydraulic assistance.

We are proud of being part of this family business which maintains its foundational values along the years, where professional knowledge seeks to improve our job day by day. A solid technical working team and highly capable people are committed on a daily basis, to offering our customers the highest quality, right-in-time solution.

We are aware of the responsibility we assume to solve problems of high technical level our customers have, that is why we are focused on providing efficient and quick answers. We are aided by the latest technology in our machinery, which enables us to reach the best quality and service to our customers.

We are a solid company which continues working to reach its exponential growth every day, proud of being in the market for over 30 years.

SAE J517

As an ambition of supplier company and in the search for maximum quality for our customers, we wanted to reach the perfection and precision in the manufacture of hydraulic flexible.

This is how we work to reach the specifications of quality and technology that SAE J517  requires in this matter, providing general specifications of form and functional capacity. Also, we are supported by a testing laboratory which certifies our production based on the standard SAE J343.

This allows us to achieve traceability and specific controlling conditions for the mounting and the fastening of our flexibles. In this way, we manage to give added value to our work, allowing us to extend our field of action.

we are
a green company

Our waste is a great threat to the environment, that is why we are committed to our corporate social responsibility and we seek to promote environmental behavior.

HB is a company which generates special waste, so we are compelled to give a final disposal to our main waste: the oil.

So, in collaboration with governmental entities, we take care of the waste that enters again into the productive system as an input, relocating it with utility in the productive wheel.

We are a responsible company, so we believe that we must work in favor of the environment.

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